Announcing our First Speaker: Joost de Valk

joost-de-valkOur first speaker needs little introduction which makes us even more excited to introduce him.

Joost de Valk is the guy behind, the original source for SEO expertise and WordPress. He’s also the author of the hugely popular WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

A Netherlands native, Joost will be joining us to share his presentation “The Triumph of the Commons“.

Here’s what he’ll be talking about:

If you’re running a business based on open-source software like WordPress, that business depends on the prosperity of the open-source project; its demise could result in the demise of your business, while the project’s growth can result in your business flourishing.

As your business and the project grow, you’ll find them becoming more and more entwined. This may be an unusual situation for a business but it’s also a fortuitous one. In this presentation I’ll explore what it means for your business to be involved with an open source project, and how, by supporting it, you can be part of the triumph of the commons.

If your business is built on WordPress, come along to listen to what Joost has to say and to join in with the discussion afterwards.

3 thoughts on “Announcing our First Speaker: Joost de Valk

  1. Miko

    Isnt any business that is dedicated to reselling software or products from a particular vendor putting their exisence into the hands of the success of the creator? Open-source is just a licensing model.

  2. Mike van Hoenselaar (@MikevHoenselaar)

    Miko, maybe Joost means it in a way of uncertainty with open source models. But on the other hand closed source models have uncertainty as well. I love to hear Joost’s take on this.
    We don’t necessarily have problems selling WP to our clients. Especially with 1 out of 5 websites out there running on WP, but always great to hear Joost speak about his passion.

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