Speaker: Adii Pienaar

adiiJoining us from South Africa is WooThemes co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Adii Pienaar. Adii first starting working with WordPress in 2006, when he was better known as “Adii Rockstar”. Thereafter he co-founded WooThemes, served as CEO and helped grow one of the biggest WordPress companies around. Since then, he’s retired from being a rockstar, become a father, and recently launched his latest venture; Public Beta.

Adii will be sharing some of the lessons he has learned from running one of the most popular theme shops around, in his presentation “Lessons Learned from Being First.”

Over the last 5 years, WooThemes have been early “pioneers” at many things that have happened within the WordPress ecosystem. Many times though, this also meant that Woo were the first to make some massive mistakes, because nobody else taught us which mistakes to avoid. This presentation shares some of the key learnings that have helped us navigate this rocky road in the last 5 years.