Speaker: Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko

rarstRarst is cynical, sleepy, and much into computers. He remembers DOS and the days when the Internet came in nightly dial-up packages. He has brushed through several industries (from airplane engineering to helpdesk systems), many programming languages, and circled back to web development. This time on WordPress platform. You can often find him on WordPress Stack Exchange where he helps out with all sorts of questions related to WordPress.

Rarst will be talking about “Better Site Stacks with Composer.”

This presentation explore gaps in WordPress tool chain for code dependencies, technical organization of whole-site projects, hosting and consuming PHP code. See why Composer dependency manager caught on like wildfire for these tasks in PHP ecosystem and how it can empower more robust and professional approaches to WordPress development.

Keep a better history of a project’s state, manage and easily share different contexts (production or development, stable or unstable), integrate multiple version control repositories with trivial ease, run and own your code hosting infrastructure. Composer all the things!