Speaker: Miriam Schwab

Miriam-webfriendly Miriam started illuminea seven years ago with a computer shoved into the corner of her bedroom. As a completely bootstrapped business, Miriam and illuminea have seen it all: great successes, horrible failures, smooth delivery and projects that choked all along the way. All that while raising four, five, six and now seven kids.

Today, illuminea is one of the leading agencies in Israel focusing on WordPress development. Since running a small business in this field poses endless challenges and opportunities, Miriam will “open source” the lessons learned at illuminea headquarters, with the goal of helping you learn from her mistakes so you don’t have to make them!

We will discuss common issues that can face WordPress service providers, ranging from how to get more clients, pricing, contracts, project management, staying up-to-date, finding other people to hire or work with, marketing, sales, etc.