Speakers: Mike Schroder and Marko Heijnen

WordPress 3.5 saw a transformation in the way media was handled in WordPress. We’re lucky to have two of the core contributors behind wp_image_editor at WordCamp Europe to talk about it. Based in Los Angeles, Mike Schroder works at Dreamhost where he spends his time making sure that WordPress runs as smoothly as possible. He’ll be joined on stage by Marko Heijnen, a developer based in the Netherlands, who is active in WordPress core and the GlotPress project. A great example of transnational collaboration, Mike and Marko will be talking about “Perfect your Images using WordPress.”

In the past, image manipulation in WordPress was an alchemy of mixing GD functions and WordPress functions together to (hopefully) turn out the desired result. In WordPress 3.5+, GD is abstracted out, and a new class, WP_Image_Editor, allows easy manipulation of image files. This lets you perform simple resizing, crops, flips, rotates, and real-time streaming of those results using Imagick or GD. But, that’s not all! You can also easily extend WordPress’ classes to add your own functions, or replace the entire engine with your own.

This session will walk through what’s changed for image manipulation in 3.5, and explain ways you can take advantage of the APIs, both through using them directly and extending them for plugins of your own.