Thank you to wpXtreme for being a gold sponsor!

wpxtremeA big thank you to wpXtreme for supporting WordCamp Europe as a gold sponsor. Every sponsor is an important part of WordCamp Europe, so we really appreciate all of their support. Watch out for them at the event and be sure to stop by their stand to find out what they’re up to with WordPress.

wpXtreme is a free plugin for WordPress that provides you with direct access to the WPX Store, right in your dashboard. From there you can buy and install top quality plugins and themes with just one click.

Regular WordPress plugins and themes aren’t required to follow any quality standards and you frequently end up with poor and discontinued products.

Each plugin and theme in the WPX Store gets a multi-step validation process by our team, ensuring always up-to-date products.

In addition, the WPX Store community keeps plugins and themes at higher level thanks to public comments, reviews and bug reports.

wpXtreme targets designers and developers as well. In fact, wpXtreme comes with Developer Center, an extensive section of resources, tools and our solid framework, from wich they can build plugins and themes to sell through the WPX Store.

To sum up: on one side there are 40 Million WordPress users who need great plugins and themes. On the other, thousands of developers and designers wish to sell their products to make money. wpXtreme helps both get what they want.